Ambiguous indie horror Home getting Steam-powered

Benjamin Rivers' creepy, compelling, confounding little gem is about to become more convenient.

Benjamin Rivers’ indie horror/mystery title Home earned lots of well-deserved positive acclaim and press upon its release earlier this year: it was the number one game on Gamespot for two whole weeks this summer. For the low price of $2 it provided a compelling, amorphous mystery that expected you to draw your own conclusions as to what was going on, rather than spoon-feed you easy explanations. I still occasionally think about the choices I made throughout my multiple playthroughs, and what it all really meant.

If you missed out on it for some reason or prefer to buy all your games on Steam, then you may be pleased to know Home is coming to Steam on Friday 31 August. In fact it’s going to be exclusive to Steam as of tomorrow, though don’t fret if you already bought it directly from the game’s official site as you’ll still get access to the same updates as the Steam version. If you bought the regular $2 version you’ll be able to download new versions manually so keep your order email somewhere safe. Players that bought the Old-School Collector’s edition will soon be getting a free Steam key, and according to Rivers the Steam version will come with a digital manual that “may just contain something a lot of folks have been asking for.”

With Amnesia and Lone Survivor also available on Steam, Home is going to be in very good company. It’s store page is already up so go and bookmark it ready for tomorrow.

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