Asura’s Wrath to get “true ending” next month

Wait a minute, weren't BioWare the ones setting a "dangerous precedent" with ending DLC?

Hey there! Are you a fan of Capcom’s frenetic mash-up of sci-fi and Hindu mythology Asura’s Wrath? You’ve got some more DLC to look forward to on April 24th! Woo! Yay! So what did you think about the original game’s fake ending? “Fake ending?” you ask, “What fake ending?” The fake ending to the real game you paid real money for of course! Apparently “entitled” gamers are so hell-bent on setting “a dangerous precedent” for the industry they’ve transcended the very laws of space-time, by going back into the past and telling Capcom it’d be a great to sell an ending to a game as DLC. Did nobody tell you it wasn’t the real ending? Oh dear!

If you want the real ending to Asura’s Wrath you’ll have to pay for it when it comes out as DLC on April 24th. For a mere 540 Microsoft points or it’s PSN equivalent in real money the Nirvana bundle staples a new “Part IV” onto Asura’s Wrath, adding four chapters the the existing 18 that includes what Capcom are calling the game’s “true ending”. One can only presume this was the developer’s original artistic vision so direct any complaints you might have about this to someone like Colin Moriarty of IGN. He’ll happily tell you why you’re a whiny, entitled little ingrate for daring to demand a “proper” ending be included in the price of admission. God forbid Capcom and Cyberconnect2 want to make money! If you don’t like it you can sod off back to Communist Nintendostan.

After that you can expect some apocryphal DLC featuring Ryu and Akuma from Street Fighter, “creating a DLC offering that fans won’t want to miss” according to Capcom. In the meantime you can now buy the first of two so-called “interquel” DLC consisting of animated sequences by Studio 4°C (the people behind Catherine’s anime cutscenes) with some quick-time events in them. Episode 11.5 should be available to buy now and episode 15.5 arrives on April 3. Monetisation! Pandora’s Box! Etc!

Source: Shacknews

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