Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb manifests on May 28th

The upcoming expansion to The Binding of Isaac is anything but meek.

The Binding of Isaac, or “T’Boy” as I call it for short, has squeezed more time out of me than a bunch of games ten-times its price. Edmund McMillen’s twisted take on Zelda and Roguelikes, glued together with the collective froth from the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, practically defines “replayability” thanks to the brilliant way it rewards and/or punishes repeat playthroughs with the cold cosmic indifference of your average Lovecraftian entity. On one run you can feel like a tiny god clearing rooms full of walking abortions with ease and finish the game without breaking a sweat, then spend the next three runs barely getting through by the skin of your teeth only to die after only a few floors.

TBoI is about to get even more replayable (replayabler?) on May 28th with the release of Wrath of The Lamb, a humongous expansion that makes last year’s sizeable Halloween update look positively tiny by comparison, on Steam. For a mere $3 you get 100+ new items, 5+ new chapters, new room types, new “mysterious” item drops, a new unlockable character and a new absolutely-final chapter and boss with new endings. If all that weren’t enough WoTL also brings 5+ new tracks by indie music maestro Danny Baranowski and an all-new Challenge mode with 10 unique challenges, including one where you have to complete the game as Dr Fetus from Super Meat Boy. As if we weren’t getting enough new stuff already, completing these challenges will reportedly unlock even more content to play around with!

At a time when the mainstream games industry thinks $15 for two maps and a spiffy new gun represents “value for money”, it warms my gnarled black heart to see indie developers showing what that term really means.

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