“Dear Deep Silver – RE: Your Scummy Marketing”

As Matt continues to languish in the land of "No Home Internet" like some kind of starman flung backwards in time, guest contributor Jack Butler appears with a modest proposal about the return of Dead Island Riptide: Zombie Bait Edition's quadriplegic wank totem.

About 3 months ago Deep Silver were heavily criticised over their reveal of the Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition. A media frenzy ensued, the company apologised and we thought that this whole deal was over with and that the top executives might have finally learnt something.

Well as it turns out it is not over and they haven’t learnt a damned thing. I am not link baiting or fishing for views here, this message isn’t going to get far and will probably be ripped off by a larger website if it does and I am fine with that. So long as something positive comes from this I don’t care. I also urge and encourage you to read the article from Rock Paper Shotgun. I am also not going to get on some feminist high horse, other people have that angle covered far better than I ever can, so please read their articles as well. Nor am I going to tell you to “Boycott the game!” because, as it has been pointed out by Jim Sterling in a fantastic video, boycotts just do not work.

Actually what I want to suggest is kind of insane, probably a bad idea and most likely will not work, nor get any attention. But what I suggest is, if this doesn’t turn out to be just a bad memory from a marketing mistake left “accidentally” to re-rouse controversy before an immediate removal from sale.

That you buy this hideous bust.

Then mail it to Deep Silver.

I recognise that this is quite expensive and if you do not have the £80 to drop I totally get that. For those that can afford it, I urge you to mail them the bust, perhaps with a printout of their apology attached.

Click here for a link to the postal addresses of the various Deep Silver offices.

Jack Butler

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