Double Fine’s Kickstarter project earns megabucks, breaks records

Double Fine's further adventures in money continue with a Christmas miracle in February.

Tim Schafer and Double Fine have received a lot of attention this week. It all began with Notch offering loads of dosh for a Psychonauts sequel and continued yesterday on Kickstarter, when Double Fine started a project to raise money for a traditional point-and-click adventure game as in ye days of olde. Kickstarter and similar sites have been popular with indie developers for a while now but this is the first time a major studio has used it to raise funds for games development. All Double Fine asked was $400,000 USD, chump change by industry standards, to create the game and an accompanying documentary by 2 Player Productions charting its development. They set a deadline of 34 days and offered all manner of goodies as an incentive for people to pledge $15 or more.

Within 24 hours the project has amassed over $700,000 courtesy of some 16,000+ backers, breaking Kickstarter records for most funds raised in the first 24 hours and highest number of backer of all time. Over 1500 people pledged between $100 and $250, while one determined well-off individual paid $10,000 to claim a lunch date with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert. The money is still pouring in and its all going straight back into the game and documentary. More money means the game can be released in more languages on more platforms with more music and voice work, and the documentary can get an original soundtrack. More money means they can just plain do more.

If you’ll pardon my French for a moment this is fucking great news. I love the idea of wealthy individual patrons like Notch and  Steven Dengler funding games without expecting a penny in return and this takes that to the next level. It proves there’s more than one way to develop a big game, shows publishers they’re not the gatekeepers of what we get to play and generally makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like watching a kitten kiss a budgie. Try as I might I just can’t be cynical about this and neither should you be. Glean as much joy from it as you can because miracles like this are all too rare in this industry.

This photo has nothing to do with the game. I'm putting here because I love it.


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