Final Fantasy VII coming to PC with achievements, cloud saves, cheat button

Aeris is still dead. Deal with it.

Square Enix have confirmed a new version of the classic Final Fantasy VII is coming to PC with several PC-specific features. I say new version because few people seem to remember there was a Windows port done back in 1998, which fixed some translation errors and gameplay glitches while introducing a whole bunch of others. It also didn’t take advantage of the significantly higher resolutions available on PCs even in those dim and distant times. As console-to-PC ports go it was better than most but that’s not really saying much when 99.99% of console ports back then were complete and utter garbage.

According to the official site the three features PC owners can look forward to are achievements, cloud saves (no pun intended I’m sure) and a handy character booster. Not mentioned is the convenience of having a PC version of Final Fantasy VII that a) works without excessive tinkering and b) didn’t cost you a kidney on ebay. What these achievements will be and what they’ll be tied to are currently unconfirmed, although it’s a safe bet there’ll be ones to do with breeding chocobos and defeating Emerald and Ruby weapon. If Square Enix are still taking suggestions I’d like to offer one called “Get over it already!” tied to Aeris’ death scene, although I’m certain fans who still can’t let go will whip up a mod to keep the overrated flower-peddling bint around. More power to them I suppose.

The character booster sounds like a nice addition for overcoming the “grindyness” inherent in JRPGs although I’m curious as to how it will affect getting achievements. According to the official site the booster only boosts your cash, MP and HP levels, and there’s nothing on whether you can also use it to level up your Materia for spells. If you want the best item and equipment in the game you’ll still have to invest the time in tracking them down, and optional bosses like the aforementioned Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon were bastards to deal with even at level 99. As for cloud saves, well, I suppose they’re handy if you go round a friend’s house and want to show them how to defeat Emerald Weapon.

According to Square Enix this new version will be exclusive to their online store as a digital download, appearing to contradict earlier rumours that the game could be coming to Steam, considering cloud saves and achievements are two things Steam does and does well. My guess is it’ll be exclusive to the Square store for a limited period and then pop up elsewhere a little while later because Square would have to be absolutely insane not to bring it to Steam. Internet detectives discovered registry entries for Final Fantasy 7 and the notably inferior Final Fantasy 8 on Steam in June last year so I’d say it’s pretty much a given.

Fanboys wailing, gnashing their teeth and tearing their clothes for a new HD remake with spiffy modern graphics, all new Advent Children-esque cutscenes and remastered just-about-everything probably won’t be happy. They wouldn’t be happy with the Moon on a stick either though, so sod them. As someone who enjoys being able to replay older games, preserved the way they were yet still playable on modern operating systems, this looks to be right up my dingy Midgar alley. Just because your attention deficit brains can’t comprehend anything in less than 1080p doesn’t mean everyone else’s can’t. Not everything needs a fricking glitzy remake.

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