Fly me to the moon again – Bayonetta 2 confirmed!

Alright Nintendo. You've got my attention.

Until Bayonetta I was never much one for spectacle fighters, having spent many an hour watching my brother play through numerous incarnations of Devil May Cry with nary a shrug or raised eyebrow of interest. To cut a long story short I picked up Bayonetta one day on a whim, for a low price, and immediately fell in love with its delightfully campunpretentious greatness. How could I not love a game where you spank angels to death and ride a motorcycle into space before punching God into the heart of the sun? I thoroughly fucking loved it, and clearly enough other people did too because Platinum games is giving us a sequel!

The catch is that it’s a Wii U exclusive, as revealed by Nintendo today at a Wii U presentation. I guess those rumours Sega cancelled it were true to some extent and I’m once again a witness to Nintendo capitalising on a Sega fuck-up. It’s like I’m suddenly 12 years old all over again. Either way this interesting development puts Nintendo in the enviable position of having a genuinely exclusive third-party title, which many gamers would consider buying one of their consoles for. Thus putting me in the unenviable position of considering saving up for one. currently has the Basic model listed for £249.99 but Nintendo have yet to officially confirm European prices.

I suppose I could always buy the game on its own and then beg/borrow/steal the console off someone else to play it on, which is precisely what I did with Eternal Darkness and my brother’s Gamecube. Alternatively if this is indicative of strong third-party support for the Wii U and not some blip then I may well be tempted to get one. I wouldn’t get one for Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2 or any other game I’ve already played, yet for Bayonetta 2… my gods, it’s so tempting.

Well played, Nintendo, you devious bastards. Well played.

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