GAME gets Ubisoft’s PS Vita launch line-up

Header image is for illustrative purchases only. Those games will set you back way more than £18.

Ailing videogame retailer GAME have announced you’ll be able to buy all the Ubisoft PS Vita titles you should have been able to buy on launch day from all their outlets, starting tomorrow. Last week you couldn’t get these games from GAME for love nor money thanks to GAME’s loss of credit assurance with a lot of its publishing publishers, which means it can’t get stock in advance and must therefore negotiate individual titles with their respective publishers. For a retailer relying on being the official UK launch partner for the PS Vita to lift itself out of its financial doldrums it was a particularly embarrassing situation.

As much as I constantly harp on about GAME this is obviously good news for any UK Vita owners who really want to play Rayman: Origins on the go, or look like a creepy paedo playing Michael Jackson: The Experience on a bus during the school run. It’s also good news for GAME, although it remains to be seen if this is an indicator of how things will be in the long run or a temporary blip of good fortune. Last week GAME found itself unable to stock The Last Story for the Wii and Tekken 3D Prime Edition was absent from its shelves earlier in the month. This latest incident with Ubisoft isn’t the first this year, it won’t be the last, and it further strengthens the shadow of uncertainty in UK gamers’ minds. How can anyone feel confident pre-ordering something from GAME if there’s no guarantee they’ll have in stock come launch day?

Source: Eurogamer

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