Guest Spot: On GAME and games journalism's first guest article calls for more professionalism, tact and compassion when talking about GAME.

One of my aims when I started was to create a platform not just for my own impeccable divine wisdom, but other voices in the gaming community too. In this guest article, Jack Butler ofĀ argues for more compassion when covering the plight of ailing UK videogames retailer GAME.

– Matt

It came to the media’s attention recently that GAME, one of the only physical game retailers in the UK left, could be facing some troubling times, even closure. They have refused to stock certain vita launch titles, will not stock EA’s Mass Effect 3 and are putting a block ban on all Capcom games, like the recently launched Street Fighter X Tekken. This indicates hard hard times ahead for the company.

However instead of getting reports on what the business is doing, on their actions and their profits/losses, or why any of this is happening at all really, we get snippy comments about the company and serves-you-right’s. Instead of any journalism, we get snide remarks.

This is another massive indication that there is something deeply wrong with the media for our industry. For games. We are not concerned with the facts, what happened, why it happened, when. We are concerned with being the funniest, or the first to make a stupid remark. Instead of taking the closure of one of the only game retail stores left in the UK seriously, most media organisations are just making jokes.

Game journalists are constantly trying to be taken more seriously. We are constantly going on and on endlessly about how we are a real artistic medium and how game journalism is real journalism, but really, if we are missing a massive story like this, if we are covering GAME’s potential closure with jokes and no real information, who is going to take us seriously? If we are covering this by snooty told you so’s and gloating, are we really worth reading?

It is a comment on the community of douchebags that gaming has generated, that we can be so callous about GAME suffering.

I’ve been asked today, why I care so much. And the simple reason is the economy. We are suffering in this country, we are suffering globally, the economy is bad and we are having problems rebooting it. This is another business shutting down. This is another business suffering and you guys are excited? More people are going jobless from this, more people will find it hard to feed their families or make the trip to university, because they potentially might lose their place of work. Sorry to ruin the fun, but perhaps someone should do the real journalism now?

Great to see that the community, who just got over getting called sexist, who kept insisting that they were all grown-up now, have decided to take such an infantile approach to a business that has supported an industry we love for years and is potentially closing its doors.

Jack Butler

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