Insignificant UK MP moans about videogames again

Every British gamer's favourite MP for Leicester East is up to his old tricks again. Who? Precisely.

The otherwise bland and completely forgettable Labour MP for Leicester East, chiefly known for repeatedly singling-out videogames as an unholy scourge on the United Kingdom, has once more rattled his little tin drum in a pathetically desperate attempt to get people to pay attention to him. The MP – whose name will not be mentioned for reasons outlined at the end of this article – has tabled one his notorious Early Day Motions (EDM) to remind the House “of the consequences of the ineffectual Pan European Game Information (PEGI) classification system for video games following the testimony of Anders Breivik about the tragic events in Norway in July 2011.” Classy.

The pinheaded little twit claims that “PEGI as a classification system can only provide an age-rating and not restrict ultra-violent content”, demands “more robust precautions must be taken before video games are published” and called on the Government “to provide for closer scrutiny of aggressive first-person shooter video games”. Essentially the Right Honourable Member called for the outright censorship of violent videogames, and this isn’t the first time he’s done so.

The MP for Leicester East discovered his latent passion for railing against video games in 2004 after he achieved modest mainstream media exposure for claiming Rockstar’s Manhunt was connected to the murder of 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah. Although Scotland Yard later concluded the game had no connection whatsoever to the murder the crusading MP continues to link the two, clearly believing there’s nothing even the slightest bit distasteful or insensitive about making political capital from a dead teenager. The following year this MP latched on to the then-forthcoming Rockstar game Bully and called for the Prime Minister to refer it to the BBFC.

“Do you share my concern at the decision of Rockstar to publish a new game called Bully in which players use their on-screen persona to kick and punch other schoolchildren?” the self-righteous blowhard asked the Mother of all Parliaments at the time. “Will you ask the prime minister to refer this video to the British Board of Film Classification? If they don’t make any changes will the government use its powers to ban this video?”

Tsk, there’s that censorship talk again.

His most recent attack on videogames came in November of last year when he called on parliament to debate Modern Warfare 3 in which, according to the Right Honourable Member, “players engage in gratuitous acts of violence against members of the public” and features harrowing scenes “in which a London Underground train is bombed by terrorists, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the tragic events of July 7, 2005.”

Of the countless thousands of Early Day Motions submitted before Parliament since 1990 only five have ever been signed by more than 400 MPs, and most EDM’s are unlikely to ever be debated even if they gain a large number of signatures. None of the EDM’s submitted by the MP for Leicester East on the subject of videogames have ever been debated in Parliament

Source: Edge Online

The name of the attention-seeking individual in question has been deliberately omitted from this story. The man is known for regularly attacking videogames for reasons that aren’t at all genuinely motivated by any sincere moral or societal concerns, despite what he loudly proclaims to anyone dumb enough to listen to him. His actions are solely those of a lowly backbencher who once tasted a brief flicker of limelight during his unremarkable career and has craved more ever since, the same way a heroin addict chases the dragonThe best response to this individual’s pathetic, desperate attempts to appear relevant is to starve him of the oxygen of publicity.

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