Journey becomes PSN’s fastest-selling game

Only somewhat quicker than the time it takes for some kid's sandcastle to get kicked over when I'm visiting the beach.

So it turns out all the positive acclaim from the gaming press and gamers for Jenova Chen’s artsy arid roam-em-up Journey isn’t all just a load of hot desert air. Creator Jenova Chen, founder of thatgamecompany, announced today on the Sony PlayStation blog that Journey has officially broken PlayStation Store sales records to become the fastest-selling game ever released on the service in the SCEA region. In an honest and heartfelt message to fans Jenova Chen expresses his sincere thanks to fans “for your support, for spending time and money to play our game and for spreading the word about Journey to your dear friends and family.”

Jenova Chen also talks about the staggering reaction to his 2009 hit Flower and how it was “a life-changing moment” for him. Flower elicited “hundreds of emails” from players including a 9-year-old girl to a 65-year-old man, marines stationed at home and abroad, and mothers. The reaction to Journey has been even greater: according to Chen thatgamecompany have receiving more letters from fans about Journey in two weeks than Flower did in three whole years. So big congratulations to thatgamecompany for all their success, as well as for making me want to buy a bloody PS3 so I can actually play Journey for myself. Hmm, is play even the right word for it?

This announcement also had some good news for fans of the game’s soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, as you’ll be able to download from the PS Store and iTunes in exchange for a modest sum of your local currency on April 10. If you’re one of those people who prefer your music to have a tactile element to it there are also plans for a limited CD release “in the near future”.

Journey’s success is a great thing for gaming in general and not only the “games as art” crowd, as it helps beak down the idea that all games must be set in dingy brown corridors full of faceless bad guys to shoot with ludicrous guns. There’s nothing wrong with that of course but some of us like a bit of variety now and again. If I could only buy cheeseburgers to eat I’d get sick of them pretty quickly, not to mention rather fat, and the same applies if I could only buy tofu. Games like Journey form part of a healthy diverse gaming selection so to see it succeed like this is very encouraging.


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