Lone Survivor stalks onto Steam with extra content

Jasper Byrne gives gamers a more convenient way to experience his post-apocalyptic misery and terror simulator.

If you’ve read my Lone Survivor review, and consider yourself half the dedicated horror connoisseur that I am, you should already own Jasper Byrne’s grimy indie survival horror hit Lone Survivor. If you’ve yet to buy it – for whatever half-baked reason you care to pull out of your arse, you might like to know version 1.1 is now available on Steam for 20% off for a limited time only. The Steam version doesn’t have achievements alas, so you can’t get imaginary awards for talking to a plush cat or cooking enough ramen to feed every monster in the game. What Lone Survivor – Codename: Red – as Jasper is calling it – does have is  a bevy of bug fixes and behind the scenes tweaks, along with an all new “Red” ending that brings the tally up to three distinct endings. Two more than Mass Effect 3 has.

The big list of improvements in version 1.1 also mentions the requirements for the Red ending have been changed, which appears to confirm something many players have suspected for a while. Since there were endings linked to the blue and green pills you could find throughout the game, there surely had to be one for the red pills as well? I can only assume it was either not properly implemented for reasons of time or was harder to reach than the secret ending to E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, which incidentally also had its requirements changed after a patch to make getting it a tad easier. According to the update list the Red ending will be extended later this year in an update referred to only as Lone Survivor: Yellow. Curiouser and curiouser.

Ah, but what of pretentious horror hipster twats like myself who already bought a copy directly from Superflat Games? “No-one will miss out, if they bought the game DRM-free from me,” says Jasper, “and that’s a promise.” Jasper hopes to announce how to get your completely free 80mb update to version 1.1 sometime this week, with free Steam keys for all existing owners being one possibility.  Jasper is also winding down the $50 First Aid Edition of Lone Survivor as it approaches 200 purchases and making it a limited run. Now why on earth would he do something like that? You’d think he didn’t want the money or something. Oh wait, it turns out that’s exactly the reason.

“My reason is that it looks as if the game will enter profit now, and I don’t want to be greedy and ask more money than I need to survive.  I really appreciate all the support the First Aid customers have shown, so thankyou to each and every one of you.”

Don’t let this sterling modest gentleman think he can get away with this sort of behaviour! Buy a copy of Lone Survivor and help shower him with money like he bloody well deserves. That’ll learn him!


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