Mass Effect 1 Shephards may require compulsory plastic surgery for ME3

Face-on, face-off.

Well isn’t this a crock of old wank. According to many disgruntled gamers on twitter and official forums Mass Effect 3 is stubbornly refusing to accept face data for Shepards carried over from the previous two games, at least for some people. So if you’ve got a fully-developed Commander Shepard whom you’ve nurtured from his or her humble origins in Mass Effect 1, and whose face you spent many a painstaking minute sculpting to be “just right,” he or she might have a tragic accident during the import process that warps their visage into Default McShepard. Maybe BioWare can explain it in-game as a final act of vengeance from The Illusive Man caused by all the implants and stuff he put into you in ME2. “For yoomanity” and all that.

EA’s help page warns that Xbox 360 users won’t be able to import ME2 saves from Microsoft’s cloud service. I haven’t touched the cloud so in theory I should be fine, yet some people are reporting the face problem even though they’ve imported their Shepards from their hard drive, where mine currently sits. As one of those people who has ushered their Shepard from her (in my case) battle against Saren and Sovereign to save the Citadel in ME1, through the Dirty Dozen-esque fight against the Collectors in ME2, this really gets my goat. ME2 had a brand new facial structure system to the first one yet it would bend the “rules” to let you import an ME1 Shepard’s face with no changes at all, by making it one solid model instead of a photo-fit made up of various bits. You couldn’t customise it any further but at least it was 100% consistent. Surely BioWare could have implemented a similar loophole for the third instalment? As it stand it’s like suddenly replacing Harrison Ford for another at the start of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

I’ll be getting my vanilla copy of ME3 (sod your Day 1 DLC, EA) on Friday when it’s finally released here in Euroland, and if I have the same problem then by god you’ll all know about it. In the meantime if you’ve already got the game and encountered this little issue then feel free to sound-off in the comments below. I’d be interested to see how prevalent this thing is.


Source: Venturebeat


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