Minecraft 1.2 out now

Cats, golems, zombie hordes and more. Oh my!

Mojang’s Jens “Jeb” Bergenstein just tweeted that the latest version of Minecraft is available now and brings a nice bevy of cool new features to the game. Ocelots can now be found in a new jungle biome and tamed with fish to become, erm, regular household cats, and also exhibit some of the new Mob AI that comes with this update. Sunlight-averse monsters like Skeletons will seek a shady spot to fire at you rather than stand in the open burning to death, and zombies now properly swarm you as they would in a genuine zombie apocalypse. Zombies now also have the ability to BUST DOWN YOUR DOOR and TEAR YOUR FACE OFF IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, though they’ll more likely be found troubling the poor innocent NPC villagers.

The villagers aren’t entirely defenceless however. As well as now being able to breed more villagers they can also build iron golems to defend them. In fact if you’re lucky enough to find a village near your spawn point you may as well just move in with them. They won’t turf you out and it’s safer than spending your first night in a hole in the ground. If you do choose to strike out on your own however you can reap the benefits of the new map height which has doubled from a measly 128 blocks to a whopping 256. That means can build an immense Spire of Doom overlooking a village, farm the villagers’ golems for the materials to make your own and set yourself up as a benevolent blocky dictator.

All this and the other additions in this patch make eager to load up Minecraft again and have a poke around. If we can expect even more interesting additions like this then Notch’s decision to pass stewardship of Minecraft to Jeb is looking to have been a fantastic decision, for both the game and for fans. A complete list of the new features can be found at Mojang’s official site, and you can see a few of them in action in this charming trailer by Minecraft video makers Hat Films.

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