Minecraft Lego is a real thing now apparently

I love Lego! I also love Minecraft! Why isn't this setting my world on fire?

Minecraft! It’s like Lego grown ups can play with, only with more phalli and painful, screaming, burning death, and you need a PC for it. A while back some bright spark at Mojang thought “hey, why can’t there be an actual Minecraft Lego boxed set?” so they started a project on Lego Cusoo to make it a reality. Lego Cusoo is The Lego Group’s Japanese partner and the two work together to make projects voted for by the wider Lego-loving community a reality. Mojang’s concept attracted more than the 10,000 signatures required for the project to be approved and Minecraft Lego Micro World was announced back in January. Today the Lego Group and Mojang released some pictures of the final product and I am spectacularly…underwhelmed?

Accuse me of hating Lego and I will cut you, I mean it! Lego was a huge part of my childhood and I love it utterly to this day, gaudy movie tie-in licenses and all. I adore the unbridled freedom it grants people to indulge their imaginations, create anything they wanted from disparate parts and exercise their creativity. I’d make Lego mandatory for all children around the world if I could. I also love Minecraft, for pretty much most of the same reasons, yet I don’t see the point in combining the two together. When I was young I’d grab  handfuls of random bits from my big chunky Lego bag, stick them all together and see what I ended up with: the results were often similar to these pictures of Minecraft Lego. I didn’t need any official sets so why do you?

I’m not a misery-guts, honest. There’s just nothing in this set you couldn’t do with a bag of blocks from the Lego shop and some custom minifigs. Lego Steve feels a bit lazy, and even the cool-looking Creeper can be recreated with three individual green pieces and a black ink pen. That’s the joy of Lego and it’s great! If you really want some Lego (and you should because it’s great. Did I mention it was great?) then don’t use Minecraft as a justification to buy it, just buy some bloody Lego anyway! It’s for children of all ages. I’ve got a Lego Star Wars landspeeder right here in front of me and I’m not ashamed to admit that!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pre-order it, which you can do here. I’m saying don’t make it the only Lego you buy if you really want some Lego.

Don’t buy it just to stick on a shelf and look at either. Lego is for playing with so bloody well play with it.


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