Minecraft XBox 360 is out today

Xbox owners finally get to experience Notch's block odyssey (unless they've already played the PC version).

Damn near everyone, their mother and probably their dog too has at least heard of Minecraft by now if they haven’t already experienced it for themselves in some fashion, although that last part isn’t so unlikely or strange. For a while now the only way for Xbox 360 owners to enjoy a spot of Minecraft-esque building and crafting was with one of numerous Xbox Live Indie games “heavily inspired” by it like Fortresscraft and Total Miner: Forge. By the time you read this the long awaited Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition should be available to buy on Xbox Live for the sum of 1600 Microsoft moon shekels, allowing Xbox owners to enjoy the exact same experience as PC players.

Hmmm, well not quite exact. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition doesn’t have all the features of the current PC iteration with one noticable example being the lack of a hunger system, although I find the PC version’s hunger system annoying anyhow so that’s a bonus in my book. A proper point against the 360 version however is you don’t get the wild and wonderful universe of Minecraft mods that add things like nuclear reactors, tornadoes, orbital lasers and other crazy stuff to the game. What you will get however is a classic “pure” Minecraft experience with the ability to easily drop in and out of your Xbox Live friends’ worlds at the press of a button. Once in their brave new world you can choose to help them explore and exploit it or just be a dick and burn down their beach house. You’ll definitely be getting the true PC experience there, let me tell you.

Something the PC version definitely doesn’t have that the 360 will is a pretty spiffy split-screen local co-op multiplayer mode, meaning you and a friend or loved one can chill out on the couch and spend your evening building giant dongs out of gold blocks. Another convenience Xbox owners will be able to enjoy is a streamlined crafting menu that straight up tells you what you can or can’t make, depending on what materials you have on your blocky personage. PC owners have to lay all the bits out by hand you see, meaning those of us that haven’t memorised every crafting recipe have to occasionally alt-tab to our favourite Minecraft wiki to look them up. Some might cite this as proof the Xbox version is dumbed-down or some such rot. Ignore them: you’re being spared an unnecessary irritation.

In conclusion if you still haven’t played Minecraft on the basis that it’s a PC game and you’re a console owner then you’ve really got no excuse now. That’s unless you’re a PS3 owner of course, though you’ve always got Little Big Planet to express your creative urges in.


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