Pixel Burn – Diablo 3, Atlus and GTA V

In which Matt starts making YouTube videos vaguely related to gaming news, instead of just pissing around with Let's Plays.

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I admit I’ve been slacking off when it comes to bitscreed.com. Events earlier in the year forced me to go on a temporary forced hiatus but my writing output was already on the decline by then. Mostly due to my starting a full-time day job because I have bills to pay and need food to survive, but also because I’d started pissing around with YouTube more. Making Let’s Plays is fun and I’ve learned a lot about video editing doing them, but the original aim of my YouTube channel was to supplement the written work I do here. The analytical stuff where I push my hands into the steaming guts of the games industry, grasping at tendons and sinew and then tying it all together into a cohesive gore-encrusted whole.

Pixel Burn is my attempt to rectify that: a wry weekly summary of the more interesting, controversial or plain weird happenings in this industry. Something more than the usual guff of release dates, PR wank and “ooh, doesn’t this game look shiny?” nonsense that passes for a lot of modern games “journalism.” Not that I in any way consider myself a journalist. I’m a pundit at best – a critic if you’re feeling charitable – but mostly an unqualified clown slapping a keyboard. What I don’t do however is digest a Press Release, vomit it back up in a bland, homogenous gruel and then expect you to eat it.

The very least I can do is try to spice it up a bit. Flense away the fat, carve off the juciest strips and cook them with metaphorical lemon juice for your nourishment and delectation. Served with a dollop of informed criticism and opinion, garnished with sarcasm. With Pixel Burn I still get to write reams of words about gaming each week. I still get to chase down story threads through the twisting maze of the internet. I still get to write overwrought sentences that make me sound like a tosser. I also get to keep making videos, to which I’ve become rather addicted I’m afraid, and pushing myself to make better ones. Hopefully I also get to entertain as well as inform you.

Assuming I don’t crash and burn within a month from nervous exhaustion and wake up naked on a roundabout, surrounded by police with tasers and dogs. It could go either way really.


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Matt is the irresponsible degenerate behind bitscreed.com and the sarcastic writer, editor, director, presenter and tea boy of Pixel Burn.