Polytron’s Fez jumping to other platforms in 2013

Saint Philip Fish of Canada finally confirms plans to bring Fez to the world outside XBLA.

Whatever you may think of Fez’s outspoken creator Phil Fish, he and co-creator Renaud Bédard made something quite special that brought a lot of people together. Countless from all around the world desperate to devour all of Fez’s secrets, collaborating on forums and other online hangouts to crack the game’s arcane puzzles together like some 21st century version of Bletchley Park. People even took physical notes using pencils and the pulp of dead trees to try and decipher everything, the resulting equations often resembling something scrawled on the walls of a lunatic’s cell. Few other games can boast of guarding their secrets so efficiently and jealously in this age of GameFAQs and Prima Strategy Guides. Oh, and it was also a fun, charming little 2D platformer with an interesting – albeit not entirely original – 3D twist to it.

Now almost 9 months after it’s XBLA release Phil Fish has finally listened to the “dozens of people” emailing him everyday telling him “how much of an idiot I am for not porting FEZ to everything.” In a blog post on the Polytron website Phil confirmed that Fez is indeed coming to other platforms this year, although which platforms exactly is as yet unconfirmed. We can safely assume PC via Steam will be one of them with PS3, Vita and WiiU being other possibilities. A 3DS version isn’t entirely out of the question either and could make good use of its 3D capabilities, not to mention be in good indie company with the 3DS versions of VVVVVV and Cave Story.

Phil also talks about how 2012 was such a crazy year for him “between Sundance, IGTM, winning the IGF, becoming a notorious racist, the game coming out, the patch incident, becoming a notorious asshole, travelling the world, battling a brutal post-partum depression and finding love.” There are also some “exciting plans” for Fez’s marvellous soundtrack, composed by prolific chiptune artist and composer Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland, as well as a couple of new games in the works and “an ambition to do so much more.”

“I want to design everything!” Phil evangelises in the closing paragraph of his blog entry. “Maybe not a videogame? Maybe something else entirely. I JUST DONT KNOW. And that’s exciting! I hope you’re excited too!”

I’m not exactly frothing at the mouth Phil but feel free to put me down as “interested.” Fez on PC would doubtless sell like the proverbial baked goods so focus on that and other ports before you start drafting more ideas for a million and one games or other projects. Otherwise you’ll only drive yourself to another near-nervous breakdown over another five years before slagging-off Japan again. In all seriousness though I genuinely want to see what Phil Fish comes up with next – with or without cryptic made-up alphabets – and a Steam version of Fez would fit quite nicely in my Steam library alongside Super Meat Boy, Limbo and VVVVVV.


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