Portal 2 Puzzle Creator reaches Valve’s internal beta chambers

(Obligatory science reference) + (Portal 2 Puzzle Creator + Steam Workshop) = (Joy)

Anyone that’s used Hammer to make maps for any of Valve’s Source engine games like Left 4 Dead 2 and  Team Fortress 2 knows it can be a temperamental beast at the best of times. Right now it’s the only way you can make your own test chambers for Portal 2, and its steep learning curve has dissuaded many a budding GLaDOS from fulfilling their sadistic puzzle-creafting dreams. Valve announced last year they were working on a much easier-to-use editor specifically for Portal 2 but little has been heard about it since.

Until PC Gamer caught up with Portal 2 writer Chet Faliszeck and Valve’s Erik Johnson at GDC for some answers. According to Erik the Puzzle Creator is in internal beta testing right now, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer until we can start crafting our own diabolical mental crucibles to inflict upon our friends and strangers. Like the recently released Skyrim Creation Kit, and Team Fortress 2 before it, the Portal 2 Puzzle Creator will also come with Steam Workshop integration to make distributing and downloading custom creations as convenient as possible for players. “It’s not just for the modders, it’s for the players,” says Chet Faliszeck. “It’s a super easy way to consume the creations of other people that are just really hard to do otherwise.”

Portal 2 is a fantastic game but there’s little replayability once you’ve run through its great single player story and exhausted all of its multiplayer. The Portal 2 Puzzle Creator should neatly address that little problem and breathe new life into the game, especially if people take to it as well as they’ve taken to Skyrim’s Creation Kit. It’ll also be a great boon to the US Government’s Digital Promise Initiative of which Valve is a partner. According to the US government Valve plan to run a competition for middle and high-school students, and teachers as well, this year to create Portal 2 levels “to be used in the home and classroom” for prizes worth $250,000. A simple, intuitive, easy-to-learn level creator would be a huge asset to that, although these kids didn’t appear to have too much trouble using Hammer.

Source: PC Gamer

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