Potential Assassin’s Creed III cover spotted

It looks like the next Assassin's Creed is giving us an all-American hero.

Update: An eagle-eyed internet denizen spotted this hub banner on Game Informer that went live prematurely and was swiftly taken down.

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Ubisoft recently promised more details about Assassin’s Creed III “soon” but a tipster working at American retail outlet Best Buy might have beaten them to the punch. Two pictures he sent to Kotaku all but confirm numerous rumours the official third instalment – confusingly now the fifth game in the series – of Assassin’s Creed will take place during the American rebellion. I’m British so it was a rebellion to us you upstart Yankee tea-ruiners! You…you THREW IT INTO THE SEA! DAMN YOUR TASTE BUDS! DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!

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Ahem, anyhow if you look at the flag in the background and know your history you’ll recognise it as the one flown by the colonies around the time all that nasty independence business kicked off (TEA DOES NOT BELONG IN THE SEA!). Little details like that are something your average DeviantArt resident would miss and adds to the image’s legitimacy, since Ubisoft have been pretty good at keeping the Assassin’s Creed games historically accurate where it counts. Obviously the crazy conspiracy theory shenanigans and Carl Sagan-esque “ancient space people” stuff don’t fit into that, but it’s still pretty consistent overall. You didn’t see any Templars using mobile phones in Damascus or Medici guards sporting wrist watches in Forli.

The image is also consistent in style with all the previous Assassin’s Creed games. The protagonist is in the foreground showing off his weapons and dressed all in white to be about as conspicuous as possible. Wearing white when your job is to kill people bloodily always struck me as somewhat impractical. Maybe it’s an unwritten part of the Assassin’s Creed itself. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted. If you kill someone be prepared to spend hours getting the blood out of your threads.” The protagonist also proudly sports the Assassin brand logo on his belt buckle and even his tomahawk has the same shape in the design of its blade. The heads of those arrows on his back are probably the same shape too. You know, for a group of secretive killers fighting a shadow war for human freedom they aren’t exactly subtle about it.

Speaking of the protagonist’s attire, the nice blend of Native American garb and revolutionary rebellion-era military uniforms tells us much while still preserving an air of mystery. Will the story revolve around fighting British forces to win freedom, liberty and all that stuff, or will Ubisoft be ballsy and have a native American protagonist try to pre-empt Manifest Destiny? History time: although a few tribes at the time were friendly to the nascent American nation, most actually opposed the United States as a potential threat and about 13,000 Native Americans willingly fought on the side of the British crown. We could therefore see an interesting blend of the two with a Native American assassin begrudgingly helping the people who occupied his land against a greater Templar threat. Interspersed with yet more stuff about Desmond being confused.

One final detail I should point out is this new character, whoever he is, is another bloke. I suppose we’ll have to wait for Assassin’s Creed 4 to see Desmond explore the memories of a female ancestor. Preferably set in the foggy streets of Victorian London and a story involving Jack the Ripper, with more than a dollop of inspiration from Alan Moore’s “From Hell.” Don’t look at me like that. You want it much as I do.

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