RIP Stalker 2, Hello Survarium

Stalker 2 has finally passed away after a long, troublesome development. It is survived by a free-to-play MMOFPS.

For fuck’s sake Eastern Europe, why do you keep toying with my emotions?! Last year you ripped out my post-Soviet desolation-loving heart and threw it to a pack of mutated rats by telling me Stalker 2 had been cancelled. In January you filled the gaping hole in my chest with hope by telling me Stalker 2 was still in development, later backed up by some leaked animation footage to completely lull me into a false sense of security. Now a mere fortnight after that you’ve shot me in the kneecaps with an AK-74 and stolen my sausages. Why?!

According to Rock, Paper Shotgun the GSC team that had been working on Stalker 2 have formed a new studio called Vostock Games, and will be working on a new free-to-play MMOFPS called Survarium. Stalker 2 is indefinitely “frozen” in the meantime as the team were unable to secure the IP rights to the Stalker franchise, although according to the official Survarium site “the game on a mass-scale ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind vaguely known.” There’s mention of maddened animals and birds, abandoned industrial facilities, weird plants and other apocalyptic elements that sound reassuringly familiar to Stalker veterans. The description even mentions an anomaly “sprawling across the Earth with terrifying speed.”

So far it sounds a lot like Stalker’s desolate, eerie, hostile Zone has had a name change, got its passport renewed and gone backpacking around the world. It also sounds fan-bloody-tastic. If Survarium can convey the same feeling of isolation in a hostile environment that Stalker did so exceptionally well, and pull it off even if I’ve got one or two chums with me, I’ll be very happy camper indeed. The only thing that could make me happier is the ability to greet every other player with a hearty, heavily-accented “Sup bro!”. Ideally whilst playing a guitar by a campfire outside an abandoned missile silo while mutated dogs howl in the distance.

The crew of Vostock Games explain more about the reasons for Stalker 2’s demise and the inspirations for Survarium in the following video, replete with eerie background effects and an authoritative-sounding Ukranian narrator.

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Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun


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