Sir, You Are Being Hunted launches Kickstarter campaign

Are you interested in being hunted by some evil murdering robots?

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a survival horror indie game from UK based developers, Big Robot. The core game revolves around you surviving against hordes of angry robots. Whilst these robots are able to be killed, it doesn’t look an easy feat from the limited footage the developers have shown thus far and they have stated that combat is second to stealth. Deja Vu anyone? To me this game sounds like an interesting take on the popular zombie survival ARMA II mod, Day Z. However whilst Day Z is a fully fledged mutliplayer mod, where all players share the same experience, it would appear that Sir, You Are Being Hunted (SYABH) has taken a more single player approach.

Big Robot have also claimed that the game will feature procedurally-generated maps to give each player a unique experience, in the same style as indie phenomenon Minecraft and more recently the also well-received FTL: Faster Than Light.  However whilst the game currently looks set to rely on a purely single player experience, the Kickstarter page does note that, depending on the success of the campaign, a multiplayer or co-op element could well be added in the future.

Right now the focus is on delivering a brilliant single-player experience. But multiplayer is on the horizon, and depending on how the Kickstarter goes, we have a plan for tackling the co-op/competitive multiplayer aspect of the game.

Murdering is thirsty business y’know

Also noted in the Kickstarter details is that the game will feature a “Thief style visibility meter” that can also been seen via their promotional video, that can be found here. Moreover an interesting grid based inventory system has been implemented, another likeness to Day Z. A full list of key features listed on the campaign page can be found below:

  • Procedural tools to generate, save, and explore your own landscapes.
  • Open-ended gameplay: choose how you want to play. Complete the game non-lethally, or use whatever you can find to bring down the tweedbot menace.
  • A Thief-style visibility-meter combined with our own foliage-based stealth system.
  • Unique generative soundtrack.
  • A disembodied sinister butler!
  • Pubs!
  • No DRM!
  • Varied loot including weapons, traps, booze, marmalade, tea, something that may or may not be bacon, and a dead rabbit.
  • Fires to cook that rabbit on. (And other things besides!)
  • Mac, Windows and Linux versions.
  • Strange lore and pipe-smoking moustache-wearing mechanical locals.
An alpha teaser trailer has also been released, showing off some of the features detailed above.
YouTube Preview Image

All in all Sir, You Are Being Hunted, seems to have a classic British charm, and appears to be an interesting take on the Day Z genre of games that we have slowly noticed appearing recently. With a modest £40,000 target, and at the time of writing being £25,000 into that target with 28 days remaining” I would be hopeful of this game being funded. Furthermore with a minimum tariff just £10 you can get a DRM free copy of the game on Windows, Mac or Linux when it’s finished and ready for release.

Are you interested in being hunted by some evil murdering robots? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

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