Slender creator recruiting for a bigger, better Slender

A bigger, better, beefier Slender? Gods help us all

Are you any good at programming or know how to wield a graphics tablet, and enjoyed the supremely scary Slender? If you’ve the requisite skills to meet regular financial obligations, and always wanted to help give a complete stranger a nervous breakdown, you may want to read this recruitment thread posted by Slender’s creator Mark J. Hadley – aka AgentParsec – on the Unity3D forums. Hadley has been rather overwhelmed by the positive response to Slender, which he describes as both “exciting and terrifying”, and wants to make the game even better for everyone.

Amongst the things Hadley wants to improve are a better character model for the game’s infamous antagonist and snazzier graphical effects, as well as support for different map types and random map generation. Speaking of maps Hadley also wants to make Slender less “flat” since right now the entire game takes place on the same horizontal plane. Because of this it was relatively simple for Hadley to script whether or not Slenderman’s static-inducing gaze of doom can affect you: if there’s something between you and Slenderman you’re fine, otherwise you’re screwed. Simple but effective.

Throw in multiple floors, stairs and other uses of the vertical axis and things get a bit more complicated than “is there a tree in the way?” Can Slenderman affect you if you’re standing on his head? Does a fallen beam block his soul-tearing gaze of doom if it’s covering his face? What if you’re right underneath him at the bottom of a flight of metal steps facing North-North-West, holding up a 1972 penny and dancing a little jig? More variables means more complex code is required to cater for them however, and Mark J. Hadley is but a single man. That’s where you possibly come in, assuming you’re a coder.

Hadley doesn’t expect people to jump on board and help him for free of course. His current plan is to find people willing and able to help, work out how much it’d all cost to compensate them for their time, then launch a Kickstarter to raise the funds. Given how insanely popular Slender is I don’t forsee him having much trouble with that last point. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make a great indie horror experience even greater then drop AgentParsec a message over at the forums. You could stand to make a bit of cash, have something pretty damn cool to put on your resume, get your work out to a wider audience and perhaps, eventually, help terrify a legion of blissfully unaware Xbox owners.

With games like AmnesiaHomeSlender: SourceRoutine and Lone Survivor PC owners are spoilt more rotten than a week-old corpse when it comes to pure horror. I’d gladly chip in a tenner to give 360 owners a taste of those same experiences, given all they really have is Hollywood-style action blockbusters decked out in dimestore Halloween tat. The poor sods.


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