So THAT’S where Portal 2’s Space Core got to

"I used to be an isolated fantasy world until..." no, no I won't stoop that low. Oh, and mild Portal 2 spoilers by the way.

Bethesda’s Creation Kit for the PC version of Skyrim has hit Steam along with a High Resolution Texture pack for people with fancy graphics cards that you can download for free off of Steam. That’s probably the main surprise Bethesda mentioned would be coming out alongside the Creation Kit but it’s far from the only one. Alongside the Alchemy Satchels, Ranger Cabins and other user-made mods available to download from the Skyrim Steam Workshop page is a curious little beast called “Fall of the Space Core: Vol 1” courtesy of Aperture Laboratories.

Created by Valve and Bethesda to celebrate the opening the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, this mod dumps everyone’s favourite spherical agoraphiliac slap bang in the middle of Skyrim for your Dovahkiin to rescue. Besides accompanying you on your journeys he can also help you craft a special “Dovahcore” helmet in the caverns beneath Winterhold mages college. Another thing this mod does is fix what many felt was Skyrim’s serious problem of being the only major release of 2011 that didn’t have Nolan North in it. According to Bethesda with Fall of the Space Core “you can now feel free to include Skyrim in the ‘Nolan North’ section of your video game library, which is to say, your video game library.”

Still no word on any fixes for the game’s other shortcomings like show-stopping bugs and broken quests, but a Space Sphere will placate me in the meantime. Perhaps I can find a use for it in my forthcoming mod, entitled “SMASH THE FUCKING BARDS COLLEGE TO RUBBLE AND PAINT THE RUINS WITH THE BLOOD OF ITS QUEST-GIVERS!” In the meantime if you want a Space Core of your own then this video from YouTube user Jademalo will show where to find him. Assuming you’ve installed the mod of course.

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