Square-Enix countdown page suggests The World Ends with You again

Could we soon see a sequel to one of the best JRPGs of the past few years? And no I don't mean another bloody Final Fantasy.

If you call yourself a JRPG fan yet have never played the sublime “The World Ends with You” then take your pocky, novelty cat ears and replica buster sword and chuck them all in a sodding bin. After that give me your official “Fan of JRPGs” card so I can tear it up and throw the fragments into your dirty lying face. TWEWY, as it is more commonly known, was a breath of fresh air in a genre that’s been stagnating in its own filth since Tidus whined his way through Final Fantasy X like the hateful tosspot he is. TWEWY was the first JRPG I actually enjoyed playing since Final Fantasy VI and VII, and if this teaser page on the official Square-Enix site is “hinting” what I think it is then it may finally be getting the sequel it deserves.

For those cursed by ignorance or DS-lessness, The World Ends with You put you in the modern designer sneakers of Neku Sakuraba, a mopey Japanese teenager who wakes up one day in the middle of Tokyo’s heaving Shibuya district having been drafted into a supernatural manhunt called The Reapers’ Game. Isolated from everybody except other contestants and the game’s sinister organisers, antisocial Neku has to partner up with other contestants and survive a whole week or be utterly erased from existence. (think “Battle Royale” meets “Death Note”). Taking full advantage of the DS’ dual screens and touchscreen features, TWEWY had great game mechanics, a surprisingly compelling story, memorable setting and characters, a fantastic soundtrack and some actual originality.

Imagine me miming obnoxious air quotes when I said “hinting” earlier by the way since the page pretty much confirms a sequel from where I’m sitting. If you’re a TWEWY fan, and the font used for the page’s countdown timer isn’t reassuringly familiar enough, you can set your PC clock forward about three days and enjoy a remix of “Calling” from the original TWEWY soundtrack playing in the background (direct link for the bone idle). The darkened background image also becomes brighter and more closely resembles TWEWY’s stylishly skewed vision of Shibuya. Right at the bottom of the page it says “Character design: Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi”, the former known for a bizarre zippers and straps fetish and the latter for being the lead character designer on the original TWEWY.

Nothing official has been confirmed and the timer is still steadily ticking away, but with the recent appearance of TWEWY characters in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance it’s a safe bet to expect something TWEWY-related is coming. For now all we can do is speculate if this hypothetical TWEWY-related news is an enhanced edition of the original, a TWEWY 2 or something else, and whether it’ll be for 3DS or Wii U. I do not presently own a 3DS – and nobody yet owns a Wii U of course – yet if this turns out to be a sequel then I’d save up some pennies and buy either platform just to play it. The original really is that bloody good.


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