STALKER 2 animation footage rears its betentacled head

Sweet animations in my Stalker game? Don't just stand there, spill the beans!

We last heard from the STALKER team over at GSC Game World back in December of last year when they announced work was continuing on STALKER 2 despite previous announcements that it had been cancelled. Things have been eerily quiet ever since, which is rather appropriate really given the nature of the games’ fictional setting: The Chernobyl Zone of Alienation. All quiet that is until a week ago when one Sergey Zhukov, an animator at GSC working on Stalker 2, released the following animation test footage of the game’s Bloodsucker mutants. Bloodsuckers are notorious amongst STALKER fans for sneaking up on you all quiet-like and catching you with your pants down, much like what this footage has done.

YouTube Preview Image

Besides the lovingly rendered Bloodsucker doing blood-sucking things, and looking somewhat distressingly more agile than in previous games, there’s also footage of an average Zone Stalker sitting around doing mundane stuff like scratching his leg. It’s worth noting this is all traditional key framed animation painstakingly done by hand and not squillions of dollars worth of motion capture. That kind of dedication and craftsmanship is a dying art alas.

If you’ve never played STALKER you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and why I’m harping on about bloody animation frames. It’s nice animation sure but what makes it any different from test footage from other bigger games? Before you ask any more such questions, get thee to Steam and rectify your lack of Zone experience with a copy of STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Once you’ve done that you might gain a fraction of understanding of what’s so special about this series, and why people like me are happier than Commissar on May Day about this. For STALKER fans like me this little scrap of footage is an encouraging sign of life in our favourite, weird post-Soviet open-world survival series.

Unfortunately there is still no word on any kind of official release date. If this animation is anything to go by however things seem to be coming along nicely and we should hopefully hear something in the near future. Assuming it doesn’t get bloody cancelled again.


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