Give more money for a Broken Sword to stand Beneath a Steel Sky again

Beneath a Broken Steel Sword of Sky?

Two weeks ago Revolution Software launched a Kickstarter for a new instalment of Broken Sword, a much-loved series of point-and-click adventure games that I…never actually got round to playing. That’s as much of a surprise to me as it is to you given how much of an adventure game fan I was during the genre’s heyday. I have it on good authority from people who did play Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars and its sequels that they were damn good, and since Revolution’s Kickstarter has been a resounding success they’ve got a new one to look forward to next year in Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse.

One point-and-click adventure I did play when I was younger was Beneath a Steel Sky (BASS), currently available for literally sod-all money on What’s that got to do with Broken Sword, I hear you ask? Well since Revolution have met their goal for The Serpent’s Curse they’ve set some stretch goals: extra special shiny bonus things they can add depending on how much they exceed their original $400,000 target. Revolution have said if they receive enough extra money for The Serpent’s Curse then they’ll not only be able to fully realise their vision for that game, they’ll also be able to make a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky.

Don’t staple your toaster to a skateboard and start calling it Joey just yet however. Stretch goals for The Serpent’s Curse are Revolution’s priority for this Kickstarter and there are three of them to go through before we get into financing a whole other game. If they hit $500,000 – highly likely considering how much they’ve raised so far – all the stuff they planned for The Serpent’s Curse they’d otherwise have to leave on the cutting room floor will be swept up and put back in. After that there’s “exotic locations in Africa and the Middle East” for $600,000 and damn near everything they want to put in for the $800,000 mark. A whopping $1 million total pledged towards The Serpent’s Curse is the stretch goal required for Beneath a Steel Sky 2, and with only 14 days left to go it doesn’t look too likely from where I’m sitting.

Some people like Destructoid’s Alistair Pinsof think it’s rather underhanded of Revolution to be doing this, comparing it to  Ubisoft’s treatment of Beyond Good and Evil 2. I certainly see where he’s coming from and part of me agrees with him to an extent, though in Revolution’s defence they only made this offer after The Serpent’s Curse met it’s target. I’d have been seriously pissed off had they teased us all with Beneath a Steel Sky 2 from the  outset. That would have felt cynical and manipulative to me, whereas this feels more like they’ve gotten over-excited and started fantasizing out loud.

I can’t be mad at them for that, although I’m still a teensy bit miffed. Only a little though. At least Revolution haven’t forgotten Robert Foster and his robot buddy Joey, and if they want to launch a separate Kickstarter for Beneath a Steel Sky 2 I’ll be right there. Given the events of the first game and how it all concluded however I’m not quite sure how they’d be able to continue the story. Fans of the original will know all too well the chances of playing play one of Foster’s biological descendants are slim to none.



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