Teaser trailer for “Dark” includes murder, blood drinking, no sparkling

Featuring the world's cockiest pair of vampire hunters sporting night-vision goggles courtesy of the 3rd Street Saints.

Aficionados of games starring Dracula’s undead ilk are a malnourished breed, even with their Castlevanias, Soul Reaving Legacies of Kains, BloodRaynes and Vampire Masquerades. The Elder Scolls series has always treated them fairly well too and sometimes a game that has nothing to do with vampires will chuck them a bloody morsel to suck on, like inFamous 2 did recently with its Festival of Blood DLC. Overall however fang-banging gamers sadly aren’t catered-to as much as fans of vampire-themed movies, books and TV shows. If you’re one of these feral scavengers hankering for a new vampire game upon which to perform a certain teeth-related cliché, the following teaser trailer for “Dark” might help stave off your animalistic blood-frenzy for another eternity.

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Hard details on Dark’s official website are as thin on the ground as the mist around a Transylvanian castle so all we know is what trailer’s YouTube description tells us. Specifically that Dark is a third-person action stealth game with RPG elements that puts you in mouldy cerements of a blood-drinking reanimated corpse, in “a world full of blood and darkness in which the hunter can become the hunted at any time”. Good gods that gives me some major flashbacks to my awful teen poetry phase just reading it. “Woeth, woeth, thriceth woeth!” and so forth. Still, who doesn’t secretly relish the chance to play as an immortal blood-sucking predator stalking their victims by night? Besides sane, well-adjusted members of society that is.

The cel-shaded look in an interesting aesthetic choice for a dark modern gothic vampire game but what really interests me about Dark are the proposed stealth and RPG elements. In between building up your budding bloodsucker’s skills through successful evasion and combat you can apparently interact with NPCs in a way that doesn’t necessarily involve re-enacting the bar scene from Near Dark, although having the option to do that would be pretty cool. Dark also promises castles, museums, skyscrapers and nightclubs to explore (all presumably full of people dancing to Combichrist) as well as the usual gamut of vampiric powers to play with, such as transforming into a puff of smoke and turning invisible.

So far it sounds suspiciously like Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines, and that is no bad thing at all! VtM:B is one of the most severely underrated games ever (the fan-patches are mandatory) and if Dark can recreate something like it with an infinitesimal fraction of the bugs then I’ll be a very happy night-stalker indeed. A teaser trailer is just a teaser however so Dark could end up sucking more than Nosferatu on a weekend binge. Realmforge Studios’ last game, Dungeons (a Dungeon Keeper-alike) got mixed reviews so there’re no guarantee Dark will come anywhere close to fulfilling my grossly-inflated expectations. In all fairness however there’s nothing to say it can’t.

What we can be 100% certain of is it won’t suck anywhere near as much as Twilight does, which sucks so much it can pull golfballs through a hosepipe.


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