Terraria artist’s next project is Starbound


Initially dismissed as “Minecraft in 2D” when it first appeared, Terraria’s unique character and its emphasis on being an actual game proved naysayers wrong. It has since acquired a loyal fanbase nearly as sizeable and dedicated as that of Mojang’s breakout hit. As a former naysayer-turned-convert myself, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the tantalising screenshots put out recently by Terraria’s lead artist Tiy. It turns out they’re for an entirely new game called Starbound being developed by bold, young indie team calling themselves Chucklefish, with Tiy at its head. While it may look similar to everyone’s favourite 2D digging-and-dying game, initial comparisons quickly melt away the more you read about Starbound’s exceedingly ambitious concept.

Forced to flee your home planet as it’s destroyed by a mysterious enemy, your space shuttle becomes lost among the stars until you eventually discover a sprawling abandoned space station. It’s seen better days but its equipped with everything you need to explore the galaxy, and with a bit of work it can be restored to its former glory. To do that you need to recruit a crew, acquire resources, research weird alien creatures, and all manner of other stuff, by visiting strange new worlds and all that jazz. Chucklefish are aiming for an entirely procedurally generated galaxy where no two planets are the same down the gravity, weather, difficulty, wildlife and more. If all that didn’t sound cool enough already Starbound also promises to be fully co-op, so you can bumble around space with some friends like a gang of Star Trek redshirts, albeit less-competent.

Ambitious feels too inadequate a word to describe what Chucklefish hope to achieve with Starbound. It sounds like what might happen if Terraria met Elite and Star Control 2 in a space bar in space and they all decided to go off on a wild space adventure together, picking up The Dig along the way. You might expect something this vast in scope to be completed about the same time as the heat death of the universe, yet Chucklefish are aiming to release Starbound by the end of Summer 2012.

God, I love indie developers. Shine on you crazy space diamonds!


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