Terraria for consoles announcement pisses-off PC gamers

Hell hath no fury like 2d block-loving PC owners scorned.

According to Steam I sunk a total of 73 hours into playing Terraria. Actually make that 74 because I’ve just clocked up another hour playing it again when I was meant to be writing this. That extra hour is the first time I’ve touched Terraria ever since lead programmer  Andrew “Redigit” Spinks announced an end to all further development on the game back in February of this year. What got me to load it up again was the news, posted today on the official Terraria Facebook page, that the game will be coming to 360 and PS3 with all new extra content.

Fans of the PC version are not amused with most of the comments on the news post expressing outrage and disappointment. While a lot of the comments outright bloody stupid and perpetuate the stereotype of PC gamers as “entitled whiners” the anger is sort of understandable. Having been told not to expect any more content ever again it must be pretty upsetting to learn there actually will be some after all, but only if you fork out more cash for the console version. Particularly when you consider that Spinks kept teasing fans with promises of more content for the PC version right up until his farewell announcement in February.

This news is certainly great for console fans but certainly could have been handled better. Terraria’s last big PC content update was impressive for such a small team, helping the game “go out” on a high and making Spinks’ departure an amicable one, and it’s a shame a lot of the goodwill from that has now been damaged. I am genuinely happy console owners will get the chance to experience all the fun I had during the 73…I mean 74, hours I put into Terraria. It’s a great little game that’s much more than the 2d Minecraft clone many dismissed it as when it came out. I am however a mite disappointed that the PC fans who helped make Terraria such a hit are being neglected in favour of this new audience.

I suppose there’s always a slim chance the new content could make its was back to the PC version eventually but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I’ve pretty much made my peace with Terraria anyway thanks to Starboundthe spiritual successor of sorts being developed by former Terraria lead artist Tiy and his team at Chucklefish. Starbound looks set deliver on many of the ideas promised for Terraria that never bore fruit, and generally be a bigger, better, bolder game overall.


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