The Big Bitscreed Chrimbo Competition Roundup

We have such sights to show you...

As Christmas approaches, bringing with it a sudden haemorrhage in your finances, some of you may be torn between purchasing suitable presents for your gaming loved-ones or splashing your cash on games for yourself like an Ebenezeer Scrooge of the digital age. Lucky for you boys and girls we’ve got a bevy of indie gaming treats we are literally giving away thanks to the sterling efforts of new contributor Ryan Archer, who has been speaking to a lot of nice indie devs recently as part of his ongoing Developers Insight series.

As well as provide a flicker of insight into some tips and tricks about getting into the games industry, each of the following articles also gives you a chance to win a cool free indie game courtesy thanks to the interviewee in question.

Developer’s Insight – Blendo Games – Brendon Chung from Blendo gamed shares some of his experiences about getting into the games industry and kindly gave us three Steam keys for Thirty Flights of Loving to give away.

Developer’s Insight – Xavi Canal – Learn how the Spanish economic crisis affected the development of Towns and how you can win a copy for yourself or a friend. A free copy of the game that is, not the economic crisis.

Developer’s Insight – Andreas Wangler – The creator of Pid talks about how he went from 3D modelling to working on level design for Just Cause 2, to making his own games.

Developer’s Insight – Dan Marshall – The co-creator of indie adventure games “Ben There Dan That” and “Time, Gentlemen Please!” explains how you can develop ideas for games anywhere. Even your local pub.

Developer’s Insight – Retro Affect – Kyle Pulver from indie developer Retro Affect talks about the importance of prototyping, and how the inspiration for their newest game, Snapshot, came from a bizarre dream about monsters and camera.

Before you start bombarding our comments section, twitter feeds etc for a chance to win some of these nice little goodies, it behooves you to have a quick glance at our competition terms and conditions. Once you do that you are free to enter-away to your hearts content. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but don’t say you weren’t told.


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