The Binding of Isaac NOT coming to 3DS

The S in 3DS doesn't stand for "Satan."

Edmund McMillen, one half of Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat, has announced via twitter that his demented, Satanically majestic Zelda-Roguelike hybrid The Binding of Isaac will not be coming to the 3DS as some people had hoped. As you might expect the reasons given for the refusal were due to the games “questionable religious content.” Given the game’s subject matter I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t say no as soon as they took one look at it, but according to Edmund Nintendo’s decision came after “a long internal debate.”

Yes, they actually debated it. The family-friendly Nintendo of the 90s would have shot Edmund on sight,  set his corpse on fire and sealed his ashes in a concrete vault deep beneath the Earth. That’s almost as bad as what they did to the SNES port of Mortal Kombat. Edmund also took the opportunity to publicly thank Steam, where The Binding of Isaac made its grisly debut last year, “for fully supporting Isaac and not requiring ESRB or censoring its published games.”

Nintendo has every right to do this alas. Though this decision really rather sucks the 3DS is their baby and they get to decide what it’s exposed to, though it’s ultimately their loss. As I said in my review, The Binding of Isaac is a great little game that offers more hours of enjoyment than many games ten-times its price. It remains available to buy on Steam.

Source: Twitter

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