Ubisoft reveal Assassin’s Creed 3 box art

Ubisoft's time-travelling stab-em-up gets into the spirit of '76. That's 1776 to be precise.

So the Assassin’s Creed 3 promotional artwork discovered by a sly and wily Best Buy employee isn’t going to be the actual box art. Considering it was a front view of the unsubtle protagonist against a mostly-white background, consistent with the style of every single previous instalment, you can’t really blame people for assuming. Ubisoft have instead opted for a charming image of our as-yet unnamed protagonist kneeling on the chest of a fallen British redcoat in the snow, tomahawk raised to deliver a presumably fatal blow to the poor sod’s face or neck. Christ, the bloke’s only doing his job putting down rebellious colonials. Why have you got to be so brutal about it, unnamed Native-American protagonist?

My faux comedic jingoism aside – some of my greatest friends are descended from upstart colonials – Ubisoft’s reveal is basically them saying “fuck it, you’re all correct. It’s set in the American Revolution. Happy now?” Well the War of Independence is still a fascinating period of history to explore so yes Ubisoft, I’m happy. I enjoyed playing as Ezio Auditore da Firenze parkouring around Renaissance Italy but by the end of Brotherhood I was ready to move on. I look forward to learning more about American history whilst shivving blokes in the ribs, although I’m still a mite disappointed about not getting a Victorian London-based Assassin’s Creed instalment any time soon. One of the things I love about the Assassin’s Creed series however is its use of diverse and relatively unexplored settings. How many other triple-A games set around Crusade-era Damascus, Renaissance Italy and now Pre-Independence America can you point to? Compare that to the number of games set in Generic Grey-Brown Futurezone #523.

Will the third game in the series prove as Revolutionary as its setting? Barring any setbacks or changes we’ll find out more by October 30th at the latest. For the time being you can pore over the box art below and nurture seditious thoughts about your distant, out-of-touch leaders.

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